This site was designed and built by Steel Wagstaff to satisfy the degree requirements for his Ph.D. in English (literary studies) from the University of Madison-Wisconsin.

I am using the WordPress content management system to publish this site, and have built a custom theme called ‘Objectivist’ expressly for this project. The site incorporates three Adobe Typekit typefaces: Brandon Grotesque is used for headings, FF Meta Serif is used for the body text, and Prenton is used for block quotes. Except where noted, I produced all of the visual resources on this site using high-resolution scanning equipment.

Grateful acknowledgments to the estates, families, and literary executors of the poets featured on this site who extended permissions and encouraged this project in various ways over the past several years: Marilyn Kane and Dan and Barbara Nordby [for Carl and Leah Rakosi]; Linda Oppen [for George and Mary Oppen]; Bob and Susan Arnold, Kori Oberle and Marilee Lee at the Hoard Historical Museum, and Amy Lutzke at the Dwight Foster Public Library [for Lorine Niedecker]; Aaron Kerner of Black Sparrow Books [for Charles Reznikoff]; Daphne Williams Fox [for William Carlos Williams]; John Halliday [for Basil Bunting]; and Musical Observations, Inc. [for Louis Zukofsky].